Watercolor Paint
Watercolor Paint "Ladoga" by Nevskaya Palitra St. Petersburg 24 Set
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Watercolor Paint
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Watercolor Paint "Ladoga" by Nevskaya Palitra St. Petersburg 24 Set


⭐️Watercolor painting - artistic paints, when dissolved in water, forming a transparent suspension of pigment, and allowing you to create the effect of lightness, airiness, and smoothness of color transitions. ⭐️High-quality professional watercolor paints “White Nights” are characterized by a high pigment content and a rich color tone, which persists even with significant dilution with water. Paints adhere perfectly to paper, mix, and blur, forming new shades, have excellent lightfastness. ⭐️Watercolors require soft brushes that absorb water well. Most often these are brushes made of hair proteins, but also use column and synthetic brushes. Such properties as brightness and color purity, high light fastness, excellent tolerance, and transparency made the White Nights watercolor a favorite paint of several generations of painters. The set is suitable for both professional artists and lovers of drawing and painting of any age. - as a part of watercolor paints, finely ground pigments with the addition of gum arabica bonding adhesive component of plant origin - manufacturer: Nevskaya Palette - country Russia

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