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Herbal Tea Women's Detox
Herbal Tea Women's Detox "Herbarica", Russian Ivan Tea, 20 pyramids
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Herbal Tea Women's Detox
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Herbal Tea Women's Detox "Herbarica", Russian Ivan Tea, 20 pyramids



Herbarica Women's Detox Herbal Tea without caffeine with natural additives, a healthy relaxing packaged cleansing fermented vitamin phyto product!
A tea bouquet of well-being and health. A cozy intimate warm aroma of spicy herbs with delicate sweet notes of anise and tart bitterness. The freshness of a dark green meadow after a little rain in Ivan Kupala!
This herbal tea is created to give you well-being and long youth.
Fennel is a valuable find for women's health. Phytoestrogens of this natural relaxant and aphrodisiac of medium strength help to banish melancholy, soften nervousness, soothe menstrual pain, relieve cramps, gently cleanse the intestines.
Fennel in combination with Ivan tea stabilizes the emotional background, eliminates panic states and fears, normalizes sleep. It is not contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.
Currant leaf - for tone, increase the body's resistance to infections. In combination with Ivan tea and calendula - powerful herbal antiseptics - a triple cleansing effect!
The result is a natural and healthy product with excellent taste, unique aroma and special healing properties.
Herbarica Women's Detox herbal tea does not contain caffeine, dyes and artificial flavors. 100% natural ingredients. Quality control is provided by the food safety system FSSC according to the international standard ISO 22000
Method: Pour a pyramid of Herbarica herbal tea 250 ml of hot water 100C. Wait 7-10 minutes.
While you are enjoying your morning treatments, the tea will open and infuse, gain taste and amazing aroma.
Natural herbs do not lose their taste qualities with repeated brewing – add hot boiling water to the cup again and let the infusion gain saturation and taste!
Ivan tea (fermented cypress leaves), lemon balm, currant leaves, strawberry leaves, blackberry leaves, fennel, calendula petals, mallow flowers.

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