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Smoked Meat & Salo

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SKU: 314167
SKU: 314134
SKU: 314069
Cured Pork Bacon, Biovela, appx 0.9lb
Cured Pork Bacon, Biovela, appx 0.9lb
SKU: 200511
Salted Pork Fat Salo, 1 lb / 0.45 kg
SKU: 200296
Naturally Smoked Half Chicken, 1.5 lb
Naturally Smoked Half Chicken, 1.5 lb

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SKU: 200110
Canadian Bacon, 1 lb / 0.45 kg
Canadian Bacon, 1 lb / 0.45 kg
SKU: 200108
SKU: 200107
Hungarian Smoked Bacon Kolozvari, .4 - .7 lb

Dietary Salo - is it possible?

To check, you need to buy Smoked Meat & Salo online

If you've ever dined on salo, there's a good chance that you absolutely adore it. "Salo" refers to a classic culinary offering that comes all the way from Eastern Europe. It's made up of fatback slabs that are cured. These slabs sometimes feature skin. They sometimes don't, too.

Salo is a common term in places such as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It's a popular food item in many locations beyond those, too, however. It can be tough to find high-quality salo foods in the United States and in other areas of the planet. It can in some cases even be totally impossible.

You don't have to give up on your salo craving, though. is on hand to cater to all of your salo requirements. We're an esteemed Brooklyn, New York retailer that gives shoppers plentiful choices in European meats of all varieties. It doesn't matter if you want to buy tried and tested Ukrainian salo. It doesn't matter if you want to order delightful Russian salo, either. We have anything and everything you need to proceed with happiness and confidence.

We have a range of Smoked Meat & Salo for sale

  • Canadian Bacon
  • Coppa
  • Dry Cured Pork Loin
  • Hot Smoked Salo
  • Hungarian Smoked Bacon
  • Old Fashioned Ham
  • Salted Pork Salo

Wondrous Smoked Meats Available For Sale

We're a trusted supplier among salo enthusiasts. We're also a dependable supplier of smoked meats of all kinds. If you just can't find smoked meat options that suit your taste buds at your local supermarket, you don't have to pout. can wow you with all of the greatest and most authentic smoked meat choices out there. If you want to buy smoked meat from Russia, you'll love our comprehensive selection.

We sell smoked pork chuck by the pound, first and foremost. We sell half chickens that are smoked as well. If you're looking for chicken that's naturally smoked, we can tend to your needs fully.

Our customers span many categories. We have customers who are passionate about smoked bacon from Hungary. We have customers who are enthusiastic about boneless pork loin that's smoked, too. People who have penchants for pork fat salo that's smoked can get behind our retailer. We sell hot smoked salo that can satisfy your appetite well.

A Large and Constantly Changing Range is an Internet shop that always goes above and beyond. We go the extra mile to make our customer base smile. Our salo food category is perpetually getting bigger. People who love Russian salo cannot say no to it. People who appreciate Ukrainian salo cannot deny its charms, either.

Our salted pork fat salo has a genuine taste that's out of this world. We have salo that's ideal for people who like to cook with the assistance of paprika from Hungary. Our salo choices are honestly unrivaled.

Low Salo and Smoked Meat Prices

Customers admire our varied options in salo and smoked meats. They also admire our amazingly reasonable and low prices. The mere idea of shopping for meats can seem daunting. Economical prices are hard to come across in this day and age., however, has the distinction of being a meat supplier that consistently prizes affordability and value. If you want to shop for Eastern European salo that won't harm your budget, you can trust Stop by our Internet retailer without delay to browse our plentiful salo and meat choices. Customer satisfaction is our top goal.

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  • Online ordering solves many problems faced by the old traditional call-in-orders.
  • Positive customer service
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