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Russian Candy Mix

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SKU: 205437
Chocolate Candy Assortment "Moscow", 3 lb / 1.36 kg
SKU: 313126
Caramel Toffee Candy and Sweets , 1 lb / 0.45 kg
SKU: 312384
Belarusian Candy Mix, 450g/ 1lb
Belarusian Candy Mix, 450g/ 1lb
SKU: 312383
Ukrainian Candy Mix, 450g/ 1lb
Ukrainian Candy Mix, 450g/ 1lb
SKU: 312379
European Candy Mix, 450g/ 1lb
European Candy Mix, 450g/ 1lb
SKU: 312180
Famous Ukrainian Caramel candy Mix,  450g/ 1 lb
SKU: 205423
Chocolate Candy Set Assortment MOSCOW, 2 lbs / 0.90 kg
SKU: 311937
ASSORTED - Mishka Kosolapiy, Belochka and Alenka, 0.5 lb
SKU: 200463
Assorted Russian Caramel "Moscow", 1 lb / 0.44 kg
SKU: 202790
Candy Mix Korovka style, 1 lb
Candy Mix Korovka style, 1 lb
SKU: 202646
Russian assorted Caramel Candies, 3lb
Russian assorted Caramel Candies, 3lb
SKU: 202042
Chocolate Candy MIX Nostalgia, 1 lb / 0.44 kg

Sweet gift (chocolate and candy in boxes) - universal solution for any occasion!

Sets of chocolates in boxes for all tastes from Russian manufacturers are presented in our catalog.
Products of world confectionery brands, including original sets of chocolates in gift boxes, you can buy online!

Not sure which of the sets of chocolates in the boxes to choose?

Find out who's going to give the sweets to.
Perhaps he likes candy with nuts in small boxes to enjoy the treat himself, or prefers a set of candy assorted in a large box to please everyone.

Chocolate sets of chocolates will be a fitting gift for any holiday - March 8 or February 23, New Year's Eve or Christmas, Birthday or Valentine's Day.
The chic packaging and incredibly tasty chocolate inside will certainly please even the most avid lovers of sweets.
Chocolate gourmets will not remain indifferent - on the expanses of our online store you can find sets of elite chocolates.

The mixbox includes sweets known candy brands:

  • Babaevsky
  • Red October
  • Roshen
  • Slavyanka

Babaevsky brand ia a part of the largest confectionery Holding in the Eastern Europe and the leader on the Russian confectionary market. The history of sweets of our enterprise began in the capital of Russia.
UNICONF unique since 1804.
It has a unique history, unique ideas and unique brands. Not only millions of Russian consumers choose these products but it are also becoming more popular among foreigners.
Realizing such a high interest to quality products in Russia, holding adapted the packaging for our International project.

UNICONF has gone a huge way from the first Moscow candies to powerful confectionery empire. Thay carefully control all the road of products, from the cultivation of cocoa in Africa (Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana) to consumers satisfaction. UNICONF has its own agricultural sector and two dairy production units.

ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation is one of the world’s largest confectionery manufacturers.

We know that in order to keep a leading position, we need to not only move forward, but to set the standards in the industry.
That is why the work of ROSHEN is based on two principles: quality and innovations.

 We are sure that if you want to grasp the scope of certain things, you need to climb higher.
To assess your path, you need to remember who you were and what you’ve become. To develop, you should always strive to grow beyond your capabilities.


History of Slavyanka formation and development is considered as the crowing glory for its staff.

In 1571 according to Ivan’s IV Terrible decree the confluence point of the river Ublya into the river Oskol there was founded Ust-Ublinsky burg for Rissian sothern borders warding from the Tatars invasion.
It lingered on for 15 years more and was later abolished.
Still, noblemen were sent to the borders to maintain a patrol up to 1593.
In 1593 town named Oskol was founded as an outpost on the southern borders of the Russian tsardom.
The town was named after the river name on which banks it was situated. General public made military men and farmers. In 1599 Kazatskaya Sloboda was established.

Sweets production in Stary Oskol began from lampad oil manufacturing and, more precisely from the equipment, purchased for its production. Djaykovy installed a steam turbine with 650 horse powers of capacity, which was bought in Belgium.
Steam for the turbine rotation was produced by a huge boiler.

Red October is the oldest confectionery industry in the country and is one of the largest and most famous Moscow confectionery manufacturers in Russia.

The official date of the company's founding is 1849.
This year, on December 6, the confectioner "had the good fortune to deliver" the products of his craftsmanship to the table of members of the imperial family.
Those products received the highest approval of the Empress and Grand Duchess.
Two years later, in 1851, a workshop for the manufacture of chocolates and chocolates, opened by Theodor Ferdinand von Einem, began work on Arbat. 

The Main Benefits For Our Clients Ordering Russian Sweets mixbox at

  • The simplicity of the selection on the website
  • Very simple and reliable payment system, so it is easy - to buy  Russian Sweets mixbox
  • Reasonable price
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These MIX sweets are popular since the Soviet times!
Incredibly delicious treats are soul and heart of Russian hospitality!

Our shop offers to buy MIX sweets online.

The most amazing thing in our boxes - you get all the best at once! You don't need to buy candies at different stores. We’ve selected the most delicious and collected them in sets for you.

We have a Wide Variety of russian MIX Sweets for sale from famous Russian and Ukrainian brands

  • Caramel & Toffee Candy Mix
  • Chocolate Candy
  • Candy Mix Korovka
  • Jelly Candy
  • Chocolate Wafer Candy

Finding the perfect gifts for those on your shopping list can be stressful. You understandably have a budget that you need to stay within when shopping for presents. If you have never shopped around for Russian candy before, you may be astounded by the wide range of MIX sweets available to choose from.

The Main Benefits For Our Clients Ordering MIX Sweets at

  • You will have the main components of Russian tea ceremony
  • The most popular candies at the best price at our store
  • We send only the freshest MIX sweets straight from Russia and Eastern Europe
  • We deliver MIX sweets worldwide
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