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Eastern European and Russian cosmetics

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SKU: 201772
NATURAL & ORGANIC Cleansing Face Tonic for Oily and Combination Skin, 200 ml
only 2.00 in stock
SKU: 201759
Facial Night Cream Rebuilding  1.69 oz/ 50 ml
Sale- 20 %
SKU: 201021
Dead Sea Black Clay, 3.52 oz / 100 g
Dead Sea Black Clay, 3.52 oz / 100 g
Sale- 39 %
SKU: 201025
Cosmetic Red Clay, 3.52 oz/ 100 g
only 2.00 in stock
Cosmetic Red Clay, 3.52 oz/ 100 g
SKU: 313228
Cucumber Lotion, Novaya Zarya, 100 ml/ 3.38oz
SKU: 313229
Lemon Lotion, Novaya Zarya, 100 ml/ 3.38oz
Lemon Lotion, Novaya Zarya, 100 ml/ 3.38oz

We are using cosmetics each day:

  • after waking up
  • during the day
  • before going to sleep

Each part of our body needs special care, and everyone knows that better to do it with help of nature's source cosmetics so we offer a wide range of  russian cosmetics to buy at our online store.

Enjoy the quality of russian cosmetics with plant-based ingredients.

With our face care products it's very easy to prolong youthful skin through natural methods. We have an extensive selection of masksscrubs and peelings for each type of skin. Here you can find a huge variety of day and night facial creams, organic tonics and lotions, natural cleanser products based on herbs.

Unique serums will provide your face skin with needed vitamins and make it look gorgeous.
Delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes needs special care. Enriched with healing ingredients our products for eyes will reduce wrinkles, remove dark circles and puffiness.

This category also includes natural cosmetic oils and clays, which help to strengthen the structure of skin and improve its elasticity you were dreaming about for a long time.

Feet also will be very thankful for your care about them with cream for the feet cracks and footbath for tired legs. And don't forget about hands and nails! We can suggest you special protective hand creams from wind and cold, deeply moisturizing and restoring hand creams. Keep on looking fresh and young with our help. You can trust us as you trust nature!

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