Famous Russian Marshmallow Zefir

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Chocolate Glazed Marshmallow w/ Fructose, Klimkin, 250 g/ 0.55 lb
Pastila Strawberry and Cream, Sharmel, 0.49 lbs/ 221 g
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Marshmallows w/ Pieces of Cowberry, ECO BOTANICA, 0.55 lb / 250 g
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Marshmallows with vanilla flavor and vitamins 250 gr
only 2 in stock
Chocolate Glazed Zefir Lime Flavor, Bonjour, 232 g
Chocolate Glazed Zefir Vanilla, Bonjour, 232 g
only 2 in stock

Russian Marshmallow so fluffy, with amazing flavor, and they melt in your mouth.

The taste of sweet childhood!

Russian Marshmallow - it is not just food - it is a source of positive emotions. After a hard day, enjoy the taste of melting marshmallow and a cup of excellent tea.

The famous marshmallow with delivery from Russia to the USA - is real!

Famous Russian Marshmallow Zefir is a unique , Russian dessert made of whipping fruit and berry purée with sugar and egg whites.

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