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Vostok Silicone Watch Strap
Vostok Silicone Watch Strap

Russian Vostok Watches

Founded in 1942, Vostok Watches took over the Russian timepiece movement. The ultimate intention of Vostok Watch Makers, Inc., was to create a unique brand of Russian watches that provided a military style ruggedness of waterproof mechanical watches.

Shortly after World War I, the decrease in demand for weaponry allowed Vostok to introduce wristwatches, clocks, and watch movements to Russia. Branded as Vostok Watches in the 1960’s, speculations suggest the name was derived from the Vostok Space Program.

As an impressive point in Russian watch history, these watches were utilized as the primary supplier for the Ministry of Defense for the Soviet Union in the mid 1960’s.

Sold exclusively, they were specially marked with identifying characters to show their Ministry of Defense correlation. For watch collectors, this could be declared a collectible timepiece to be saught after.

Through steady creation and innovation, Vostok Watches developed the Amphibia. This particular timepiece showcased strengths craved by many seeking a stainless steel diving watch. Incredibly, the Amphibia was able to fully function in a depth of 200 meters. Extensions into a European Vostok brand provided some ideal attention throughout the country.

In addition to the military grade Russian Watches and diving watches, Vostok also created a limited supply of luxury watches named Kremlevskie. True to form, these stainless steel watches were introduced with a particularly wealthy customer in mind. One of the more colorful watches was the Briolet. It displayed beautiful ruby jewels.

Despite the success of Vostok, with over 4 million watches sold, the 21st century displayed some opportunities and misfortunes for the organization. Making updates to their familiar collection with the 31 jeweled automatic movement and stainless steel bands couldn’t prevent Vostok from filing bankruptcy in 2010.

In spite of this downturn, Vostok Russian Watches would still make their mark in the industry. Through re-evaluation and restructuring of production, Vostok amphibia for sale flooded the market.

According to, Vostok is bringing back the beloved Vostok amphibia for sale. Although supplies on this particular website may seem low, the variety is high. Colors and design are plentiful which appeals to a wider market range. By arranging the timepieces and clock to offer either automatic or manual mechanics, Vostok continues to cater to their customer base. In accordance with their effort to maintain a consumer base, strategic marketing with Vostok Europe has been beneficial. By receiving endorsements from their well-known ambassadors such as Jurgis Kairys and Žydrūnas Savickas, Vostok Europe is portraying itself as a confident contender against industry competition.

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