Быстрая доставка, хороший выбор,
Удобный платеж
Aleksandr Jun 22, 2019
I'm satisfied with everything in my order. The delivery time was perfect and packing was a very accurate. Thank you.
Tatyana Jun 17, 2019
Я советую покупать очень свежие продукты
Frima Jun 15, 2019
I love this service. I found my favorite items that I cannot find anywhere else. Shipping and customer service were excellent.
Marcie Jun 11, 2019
В полном восторге от сервиса. Заказ получили на след день до обеда!!!! Все продукты упакованы в соответствии с температурой хранения. Буду заказывать еще!!!
Elena Jun 9, 2019
Nice service, good product. looking forward to do more business with Russian Food USA
Leonid May 28, 2019
Great service, fast delivery, will be ordering again. Thank you!
Natella May 22, 2019
It's the first time I buy on this website and I loved it. Excellent quality, very timely shipping service. I was pleasantly surprised with a gift. I will always buy again here
diana May 9, 2019
Great store with lots of goodies
Edward May 3, 2019
Отлично! Доставка быстрая, конфеты вкусные, свежие. Мы заказывали уже два раза. Рекомендую.
Samy May 2, 2019
Very quality products and fast shipping. Thank you!
Marina May 2, 2019
Good job.
Andrejs Apr 28, 2019
Shipping service was quick to Alaska. Amazing customer service as well.
Vera Apr 12, 2019
I had a very positive experience in dealing with Russian Food USA. Their responses to my email questions were quick and polite. The product was delivered in a timely fashion and the packaging was as described. I would definitely do business with them again as well as recommend them to others.
Lucy Apr 3, 2019
An excellent range of quality products .

Exceptional Customer Service and an impressively fast , timely delivery !
I . Goddard Mar 30, 2019
Very fast service , good products
Olga Mar 14, 2019
Very good Borodino. Fresh despite the shipping time.
Theodore Mar 14, 2019
Great customer service!
Ekatherina Mar 13, 2019
Haven't tried any of the products, except sausage, which is excellent. Except wish it could be sliced. Am sure that rest is as expected, as an familiar with all. of the brands. Great to heave you aqs a resource, as availability in my area is almost non-existent. Packing an shipping, while expensive, was good.
Nadya Mar 8, 2019
Thank you RF USA for fantastic service! My large order was filled in 1-2 days and I received it by the end of the week. All my favorite products, all fresh and expertly packed. I like your very smart website that lets customer choose from perishable to non- perishable foods to cut shipping costs and be able to enjoy unique products. Packaging was superb,- one of the herring packs leaked (no fault of RF USA) but everything was individually wrapped so there was no damage to other products. As long as you carry non-perishable Russian Mortadella,- I am your loyal customer!
Ioulia Mar 5, 2019