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I love your site and the things that you carry. Delivery prices are a little high would prefer to also have a cheaper choice but two day delivery is pretty awesome. And your prices and sales are great.
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OksanaFam Nov 20, 2019
Russia Food USA is outstanding in every way imaginable. Products are excellent, shipping standards are the best I have encountered. They feature many products I cannot find elsewhere or for a much higher price.
James R Nov 9, 2019
Все вовремя. Довольна. Покупала гречку. Качество продукта хорошее. Ирина
Irina Nov 6, 2019
Fast service. Product as described. Highly recommend.
Irina Nov 3, 2019
Everything was alright. Packaging and all items are in order and on time. Thank you all very much. Так держать!
IOURI Oct 29, 2019
What a very nice online shopping experience. Website is laid out in attractive easy to use manner.
Good graphics and descriptions.

Easy to navigate all the way thru to checkout. And exceptional follow up during the shipping process.

A fine example of Best Practice business model.
Keep up the great job.
Douglas Sep 29, 2019
After a wonderful trip to St. Petersburg without enough time to bring home local delicacies, how wonderful it is to discover Russian Food USA. I've ordered black tea with thyme, cowberry preserves, and buckwheat--all delicious as well as ongoing reminders of our trip. Russian Food USA has very reasonable prices for high-quality products and very quick delivery. I'm so pleased to discover such an excellent resource.
Vlacha Sep 24, 2019
This was our second time ordering we are OBSESSED with all of there 100% beef salami we order many kinds at a time. Order arrives very quick! Keep up the great service !!
Angie Sep 20, 2019
Excellent products, service and shipping! Will order again.
Chris Sep 11, 2019
Fast delivery, friendly service, and the food... OMG! My mouth is already watering! Ready to order more.
Thank you, Russian Food USA.
Yelena Sep 11, 2019
Very good Lithuanian dark bread. also like the dark rye. Good fast service. Will buy again...
Anthony Aug 26, 2019
I am new to this site everyone was very helpful got what I needed will go back again.
Michael Aug 16, 2019
Great experience in general! Of course caviar was very tasty and fresh - wonderful addition to our anniversary celebration, but also customer service was very professional doing everything possible to get me ordered product on time and unspoiled in this hot weather. I definitely order again. Thank you
Jolanta Jul 13, 2019
Hi all!
We have been buying Russian candies and cookies at Russian Food store for at least 3 summers.
We don't have any complains about their service. Usually, everything is fast and packed well.
Have a nice day!
Ilya Jun 29, 2019
Быстрая доставка, хороший выбор,
Удобный платеж
Aleksandr Jun 22, 2019