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Russian Lemonade Soda

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SKU: 314678
Instant Drink "Mead / Medovukha", Medovy Dom, 175g / 6.17oz
SKU: 314644
Carbonated Cola Drink, Chernogolovka, 2l / 67.63 fl oz
SKU: 314637
Soda "Original Lemonade", Chernogolovka, 2L/ 67.63 fl oz
SKU: 314614
Carbonated Cola Drink, Chernogolovka, 330 ml / 11.16oz
SKU: 314443
Soda "Buratino | Pinocchio", Chernogolovka, 2l/ 67.63 fl oz
SKU: 314405
Soda "Buratino | Pinocchio", Chernogolovka, 500ml/ 6.91 fl oz
SKU: 314366
Natural Mineral Water, Borjomi, 1 liter
only 2.00 in stock
Natural Mineral Water, Borjomi, 1 liter
SKU: 313852
Legendary Borjomi Mineral Water, 0.33l/ 11.16 fl oz
SKU: 306683
Soda Chernogolovka "Tarragon", 67.6 oz / 2 L
SKU: 306681
Soda Chernogolovka "Duchess", 67.6 oz / 2 L
SKU: 306680
Baikal Soda, Chernogolovka, 33.81 oz / 2L

The most distinctive and unique soda flavors from Russia.

Here’s four favorite flavors from Russian Soviet childhood: Tarragon - “Russian green soda” (gazirovka, lemonade).

The beverage has an otherworldly green hue. Tastes like licorice or anise with a bit of mint, and perhaps sweet basil. The flavor also is reminiscent of absinthe, which is no surprise since some absinthes contain tarragon or green anise.

Baikal - named for lake Baikal, a Siberian lake thought to be the deepest in the world. Baikal was originally created to be Soviet Russia’s version of Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

The best description would be a soda version of an herbal tea.

The main ingredients are eleutherococcus senticosus, known as Siberian ginseng, combined with black tea extract. Baikal also contains cardamom oil, eucalyptus oil and lemon oil. The flavor begins with a sweetness that fades into a strong yet not cloying menthol flavor, undoubtedly from the eucalyptus.

Duchess - this taste like to feel infinite.

Classical variant of this fizzy drink contained pear syrup or pear infusion. The reason why it got its name - Duchess is one of the cultivar of pear. This variety of pears is popular for significant flavour and delicate texture.

Sitro - this magnificent drink was elaborated in Soviet Union. The taste is the combination of citric acid, sugar, flavorings and syrups of various citrus fruits. As a result it became one of the most beloved beverages among the soviet people. The unique combination of succulent ripe oranges and refreshing lemon juice odorizes this beverage with feeling of permanent fiesta!

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