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Cold Smoked Mackerel, approx 1lb / 450g
Cold Smoked Mackerel, approx 1lb / 450g
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Cold Smoked Mackerel, approx 1lb / 450g
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Cold Smoked Mackerel, approx 1lb / 450g

Brand: Gold Star


We are particularly glad to offer you Smoked Mackerel. The product can be served at a dinner table to gladden your guests and become either the main course or a garnish. The modes of preparation of this species from the Scombridae family vary depending on your preferences and the way you use your imagination.

The variety of fish on offer in different shops is amazing. The key moment here is to choose the one suitable for you. We will tell you some fact about Smoked Mackerel but the decision is up to you.

Mackerel is an oily fish, so the meat is really gentle and pleasant to eat. Besides it is a rich source of a wide range of vitamins, most admittedly in B12. The fish is a real treasure for those who want to consume Omega-3 fatty acids as it is an excellent source of this substance. Together with vitamins A, B, D, the healthy elements found in the composition of mackerel have proved to be able to reduce the risk of numerous serious illnesses, especially of heart diseases.

If you are sure of your choice and want to buy mackerel we would like to warn you. As the fish high in oil content, it is very perishable. So you should pay particular attention to the freshness of the fish. More secure is to buy Smoked Mackerel. It guarantees better and longer preservation. The taste of the smoked fish is so delicate and smooth, it practically melts in your mouth.

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very good

очень вкусная копченая рыба, пальчики оближешь!

Отличная копченая макрель! Вкус изумительный!

Very tasty on rye bread, or by itself.

Очень маленький выбор сушёной, вяленой, копчёной рыбы… Поэтому сказать и нечего. А жаль!

This fish was a good hoice..

We bought the cold smoked mackerel and we are now addicted to it. It was delicious. The order arrived on time and was very well cool packed. Thank you! The herring was too salty for our taste. As shipping is expensive/$20 we shall be back in a little while to reorder

Прекрасная скумбрия холодного копчения. В меру соленая, в меру жирная.

Очень вкусная рыба! Очень хорошо упакована! Спасибо!

Рыба очень вкусная, с удовольствием ели.

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