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Russian kefir & Sour Cream

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SKU: 200145
Ryazhenka Fresh Made, 32 oz / 0.94 L
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Lifeway Ryazhenka, 32 oz / 0.94 L
Lifeway Ryazhenka, 32 oz / 0.94 L

Magical Russian Kefir & Sour Cream

The people of the Caucasus region are famed for their extraordinary longevity and many accredit this to their regular consumption of kefir. Yes, mountains, fresh air, clean water, healthy, but actually non-vegan food, and kefir!

In recent years, scientific studies have proven that kefir is able to stimulate the immune system, enhance lactose digestion, as well as inhibit tumors, fungi, and pathogens — including the bacteria that cause most ulcers, Helicobacter pylori. Given that scientists are now discovering that bacteria may trigger many inflammatory diseases, including some types of heart disease, regular consumption of kefir may really account for longevity and continued health as we age.

Sour cream was used in Russia since ancient times. Sour cream is a product, made from cream. It is high on fat, but is quite healthy despite that and is easily digested even for lactose intolerant people.

Why do we need to add more fats to our dishes? Again, living in a cold country calls for more nutritious food. Sour cream is definitely more healthy than butter. Sour cream is typically used as a sauce for salads, it makes all traditional soups (schi, borsch, okroshka, mushroom soup etc.) taste better, it tastes great with boiled potatoes and million other dishes.

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