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Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

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Russian Souvenirs: Nesting Dolls

Russian nesting dolls, or “matryoshka” dolls, are a popular gift dating back as early as 1890. The dolls are traditionally formed from wood with intricate details painted on the outside. Dolls were originally hand painted, though today they may be handmade or manufactured by machine. Each doll stacks inside the other dolls until the largest, outer doll is reached. Nesting dolls are an excellent choice for a birthday gift, Christmas present, or souvenir. 

Types of Russian Nesting Dolls

You can buy nesting dolls in a variety of sizes and styles. The traditional style features a woman in a detailed dress with each inner doll opening up to reveal a smaller woman. The final and smallest doll is sometimes a baby. Other styles of these Russian dolls include political figures, cartoon characters, and historical figures. Themes are common for a set of dolls, from the traditional peasant girl style to fairytale characters. Political-themed dolls often have the current president or leader of a country as the largest doll and their predecessors in order from most recent to oldest. The number of dolls and the size of the largest doll varies from set to set. Do-it-yourself dolls are also available. The outline is drawn onto the wood but the colors are left out and paint is included so you can paint your own design.

Some nesting dolls include a large outer doll and several tiny dolls all stacked inside together, instead of “nested” as with the traditional doll structure. Other options include ornament dolls that come with a loop for hanging on the Christmas tree and keychain dolls that come with a keychain ring attached. 

Purchasing Nesting Dolls

Our store is your one-stop shop to buy nesting dolls. We carry a variety of sizes and designs, from political figures to children’s cartoon characters. Handmade, holiday-themed nesting dolls make a memorable Christmas gift. Children will enjoy nesting dolls designed to look like their favorite cartoon or movie character. They will have hours of fun stacking and unstacking the dolls, and it helps develop motor skills in young children. 
This inexpensive gift is a hit with all ages and makes a thoughtful present or stocking stuffer. While children enjoy playing with the dolls and like the bright colors used in the designs, adults often enjoy collecting traditional style dolls or nesting dolls that resemble historical figures or favorite characters.
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