Chocolate Glazed Zefir Marshmallow "Sharmel" with Ice Cream Flavor, 8.82 oz / 250 g

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Applesauce, egg white, agar-agar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar.

Chocolate Glazed Zefir Marshmallow "Sharmel" with Ice Cream Flavor Description

Delicate marshmallow in the glaze of dark chocolate was created over half a century ago at the Moscow confectionery "Udarnitsa". The range of creamy tastes of the marshmallow goes very well with the chocolate glaze.
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Ну , что может сравниться с зефиром в шоколаде?
а ничего )
вкуснейший нежный с хрустящим шоколадом и нежной ароматной начинкой - Шармель)) Супер вкусно)
These were FANTASTIC!!! They had to come a long way and they weren't at all melted!! I will be ordering these again. And, I was expecting them to be small but they were pretty big!! Loved them!