Bazar Tvorog Farmer Cheese, 1 lb / 0.45 kg

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The story of this company dates back to 1986 when a Russian immigrant Michael Smolyansky started manufacturing kefir, one of the favorite sour-milk products in Russia and Eastern Europe. In the course of time Lifeway Foods has extended its scope of activity, applying new technologies and expanding the assortment.
Today Lifeway Foods is listed among the most prosperous companies that specialize in the sour-milk production in the USA. It manufactures a variety of wholesome sour-milk drinks, as well as other milk-based products among which is Farmer Cheese - Tvorog Bazarnyi .
Farmer Cheese - Tvorog Bazarnyi is a unique combination of delicacy and usefulness. Apart from its unforgettable flavor and texture this cheese possesses numerous useful properties that bring you health and cheerful mind!
Lifeway Farmer Cheese is extremely low in fat, calories and cholesterol that makes for its utility for overweight people and those suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Farmer Cheese consists predominantly of dry curds which account for its smooth granular texture. A unique technology of slow draining allows to preserve to a great extent whey and to support a sufficient percent of moistness. That is the reason why Farmer Cheese can be associated with a real powerhouse of vitamins and vitally important nutrients.
As the production of Farmer Cheese - Tvorog Bazarnyi involves only traditional recipes this product features exceptional taste and flavor!

Bazar Tvorog Farmer Cheese, 1 lb / 0.45 kg
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Connie Streeter
Nov 5, 2018
It was great!
Milla Topchiy
Sep 5, 2018
The best tvorog by quality and texture I've ever tried here in the USA for the past 18 years.. It actually has a very good moisture balance.
Sheron Lutz
Aug 10, 2018
"Bazar Tvorog Farmers Cheese" This is the best to have by itself or to use in many great Russian Recipes. Not many people know about this cheese in America it is known as cottage cheese here which does not taste good and cannot be used for anything. But, tvorog cheese is very tasty. I love this product!