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Ochakovsky Kvass (Tin Can), 16.9 oz / 0.5 L
Ochakovsky Kvass (Tin Can), 16.9 oz / 0.5 L
$ 3.49
Ochakovsky Kvass (Tin Can), 16.9 oz / 0.5 L
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Ochakovsky Kvass (Tin Can), 16.9 oz / 0.5 L

Brand: Ochakovo


The history of kvass dates back to the ancient times of Russian civilization. Over the period it has been consistently modified by adding new ingredients and improving technologies of brewing. Still the authentic recipe has been kept invariable for ages.

Ancestors of Russian people knew well of the wholesome, somewhat healing properties of kvass. And it was not without reason that at that time kvass was so popular with old and young alike! Especially it was beloved by those who aspired to be vigorous and healthy!

Despite a rather long period of preponderance of Coca-cola and other foreign drinks nowadays kvass experiences a new wave of omnipresent popularity. There are a plenty of companies in Russia manufacturing various sorts of kvass. Among the most flourishing brands is kvass Ochakovskiy.

Brewed according to the traditional recipes borrowed from old-timers of remote villages of Russia kvass Ochakovskiy is considered one of the most beloved non-alcoholic beverages by contemporary Russian people. Moreover it is in great request far beyond the Russian federation, especially in countries of CIS. And this is not surprising! Smooth delicate taste and obvious useful properties make kvass «Ochakovskiy» a superb drink for every day regardless of circumstances and weather conditions. Unique combination of fully natural ingredients (sugar, specially prepared water, rye flour, rye and barley malt, pure cultures of yeast and lactic acid bacteria) guarantee true quality and excellent taste of genuine kvass «Ochakovskiy»!

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Very good. Little bit too sweet.

Great kvass, I really enjoyed it!

Very refreshing

Tastes like regular kvas but is a little too sweet and maybe not enough carbonation

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