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Why Everyone Should Have A Russian Military National Cap - Ushanka Hat 

Russian Ushanka caps are quite unique.
They are designed with their weather temperatures in mind.
Some types of Russian caps will be described below.

World-renowned for its outstanding ear flaps, our Russian Ushanka fur hats offer the perfect blend of masculine style and cold weather protection.
The adaptability of ear flaps that can be tied under the chin, on top of the crown, or around the back of the hat Indeed makes them so special. 

Also known as the Trooper hat, this style soviet union fir hat has a wide body, flat top, extra long ear flaps and a large front edge fur.
When it comes to arming yourself with extreme winter comfort and style, nothing beats Ushanka hat.
With flaps tied on top, this hat design exudes classic Russian style.
Leave the flaps down or be tied in the back for a more trendy and casual look.
Take a look at our choice to find out which combination of fur will be best for your winter look.

Say "Da" to a new Russian style hat this winter, and learn what that frostbitten nation has long known about protecting itself against the cold. 

The Russian Ushanka in the English-speaking world, it is sometimes referred to as a shapka. However, this usage is not accurate, but is rather a Russian language word meaning simply 'hat'. Ushanka literally translates as 'ear flaps hat'.

Though ushanka hats are a distinctly Russian hat, indeed, the stereotypical Russian is seen to wear one. The wearing of fur hats of similar design is common throughout China, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It is possible that Russians adopted this design from Mongols during the Middle Age Mongol invasion of Russia.

The increasing worldwide demand for Russian style fur hats has prompted us to make it a priority to offer them in a wide variety of designs using a variety of fur, leather, and sheepskin choices.

If you are a lover of the Russian armed forces, and you are interested in having one of their caps, then you have a variety of options to choose from.

Soviet Army Ushanka For Sale

This is a Russian cap made for the Soviet Army. It is designed with a soldier insignia. This cap is so beautiful with the soldier insignia attached to it. Having one of these in your clothing line makes you fulfilled. And you get to be the cynosure of all eyes when you wear it, as it is beautiful and unique.

Russian Navy Forage Cap

This is another very beautiful cap made for the Russian navy. The cap is decorated with numerous badges. These badges give it a uniquely beautiful and stylish look. You will love the attention this cap brings because it is a great reminder of the rich soviet history.

Russian Souvenir Ushanka Caps

Sometimes, wearing Russian military outfits may be disrespectful to the Russian military.

In such cases, there are military souvenir ushanka hats you can purchase if you are a tourist in Russia. A souvenir ushanka is similar to that of the soviet army; the same beautiful design.

Therefore, when you come to Russia for your vacation, do not forget to get yourself a souvenir ushanka.

You are going to be very glad that you did. Advantages of having Russian national caps.


Russian national caps are very lovely and equally highly respected. However, they are also very affordable. They are very affordable to the extent that you can get for every member of your family.

Variety in sizes of Russian Ushanka

Russian national caps are available in various sizes, and for both kids and adults. No matter your age, a cap is always available that will fit you.

Finally, the Russian cap has gained a global acceptance due to its design; the ear flaps and the thickness of the fur used in its making, which helps in protecting the ears from freezing in the winter. From the points mentioned above, it is evident that a Russian national cap offers more than its price.

So, when next you are on a visit to Russia, kindly get yourself a Russian national cap as a souvenir.

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