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Imperial Style Jewelry

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SKU: 308581
Russian Style Pendant and Earrings Jewelry Set "Heart" (white and red), 1220-49-04
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SKU: 308578
Russian Style Pendant and Earrings Jewelry Set "Bouquet" (white), 1220-37-04
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SKU: 308315
Locket Pendant "Angel" (blue), 1" (1214-0403)
Locket Pendant "Angel" (blue), 1" (1214-0403)

Russian Imperial Style Jewelry

is stands for something meaningful. It can symbolize a special moment or a historical event. Some are miniatures of everyday objects, while others are miniatures of art masterpieces from countries and civilizations all over the world.

Our online store offers Russian Imperial Style Jewelry for sale:

  • Imperial Style Eggs
  • Imperial Style Pendant

Though the modern Imperial Style Pendant do not contain surprises like a golden hen or golden egg yolk, they are unique and wonderful addition to Russian style necklace and bracelet ensembles.

Each item is made out of a special alloy with an outer layer coated in enamel and painted with different colors. Then, the pendants and eggs are decorated using Swarovski crystals, forming different designs and patterns such as flowers and berries.

Russian Imperial Style Jewelry is a great gift for relatives and friends. Aside from that, it is a wonderful and timeless piece of jewelry exuding elegance and royalty. Each item of Russian Imperial Style Jewelry is reminiscent of the golden history and rich culture of Russia.

It is perfect for special occasions and formal gatherings or parties. Imperial egg, Pendant and many more corporate gifts and Russian souvenirs at

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