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Herbal Tea Sweet Dreams
Herbal Tea Sweet Dreams "Herbarica", Russian Ivan Tea, 20 pyramids
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Herbal Tea Sweet Dreams
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Herbal Tea Sweet Dreams "Herbarica", Russian Ivan Tea, 20 pyramids



Floral-ginger, berry, bright and memorable!
All this is a wizard-karkade with an invigorating festive sourness, with the heat of ginger notes and iridescences of sparkling spices in the aftertaste.
A rich infusion of a beautiful cherry shade with dizzying joyful aromas will warm you up, give you a romantic peppercorn, a feeling of an imminent holiday, the proximity of the fulfillment of the most desired pink dream!
A spicy pair of ginger and lemon will cheer you up, banish colds, charge you with energy and courage, add natural strength.
Karkade will strengthen blood vessels and the heart, reduce swelling.
Fragrant cinnamon will double the antibacterial benefits.
Oriental guest Cardamom is an excellent cleaner of toxins, a light tonic and an exciting aphrodisiac.
A burning clove will fill this fragrant cocktail with velvety sparks of spicy warmth.
Herbarica Sweet Dreams is great for both a noisy feast and a cozy retreat, because sometimes you just want to dream!
100% natural ingredients.
Karkade, apple, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon zest, cloves.

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