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Roasted Sunflower Seeds
Roasted Sunflower Seeds "Babkini", 17.63 oz / 500 g
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Roasted Sunflower Seeds
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Roasted Sunflower Seeds "Babkini", 17.63 oz / 500 g



Roasted Sunflower Seeds "Babkini" are popular roasted sunflower seeds in a large package.

Sunflower seeds are a very useful product. They contain large amount of magnesium, which is so useful for our heart and muscles. Calcium content in seeds is comparable to the calcium content in sour cream or yogurt. Also in the chemical composition of seeds you can find vitamin E, which is so necessary for man's health. Well-known fact that seeds contain chemical elements that slow down the aging process. All of these useful properties are maintained even in roasted sunflower seeds.

But this is not all the advantages of seeds, do not forget that seeds can soothe nerves. For many people, to nibble sunflower seeds is a kind of meditation that leads to the harmony of thoughts, which is also important for human health.

In Russia, 10 - 15 years ago, roasted sunflower seeds could be bought only from retired ladies. They roasted sunflower seeds, wrapped in paper bags from newspapers and sold them on the crowded streets. Buyers empirically found out which of the retiree ladies sold the best seeds.

Now, roasted sunflower seeds are produced on an industrial scale and are packed automatically in the premises so that the consumer is no longer doubted in quality of production.

Roasted Sunflower seads "Babkini" are large seeds of high quality with a taste like from "the same retired lady".

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Perfect match for the brand. Tasty, like in the old days. Thanks!

Excellent sunflower seeds!

Хорошо смотреть фильмы с семечками, лучше чем попкорн

Very good. Sometimes tastes funny, but for the most part, great quality.

семечки очень мелкие

Nice product. Will buy again! Thank you

Love them! I don't like salty sunflower seeds and these are very classy non-salty семечки, clean, perfect size and perfectly toasted. Hopefully, the quality will stay the same.

The taste was good, but as it happens the fingers were all black :). So addictive!

These beat any off the shelf seeds in the USA easily. I can't eat David's seeds or anything. These are amazing.

Обожаю семечки. Спасибо.

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