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SKU: 312686
Cinnamon Sugar, SZEGED, 170g/ 6 oz
Cinnamon Sugar, SZEGED, 170g/ 6 oz
SKU: 312679
Food Flavoring Butter-Vanilla, DR. OETKER, 4 x 2ml
SKU: 312678
Food Baking Flavoring Rum, DR. OETKER, 4 x 2ml
SKU: 312677
Cake Cream Mix, DR. OETKER, 155g/ 5.47 oz
Cake Cream Mix, DR. OETKER, 155g/ 5.47 oz
SKU: 312676
Dessert Cream Caramel with Sauce, DR. OETKER, 105g / 3.7 oz
SKU: 312573
Dry Active Yeast, SEITENBACHER, 20 g / 0.7 oz
SKU: 312572
Original Vanilla Pudding, Dr. Oetker, 35 g/ 1.23 oz
SKU: 312571
Vanilla Pudding, Dr. Oetker, 43 g/ 1.52 oz
Vanilla Pudding, Dr. Oetker, 43 g/ 1.52 oz
SKU: 312570
Vanilla Sugar, Dr. Oetker, 0.28 oz
Vanilla Sugar, Dr. Oetker, 0.28 oz
SKU: 311781
Danish Poppyseed Roll, 7oz
Danish Poppyseed Roll, 7oz

Manhattan delivery

SKU: 311780
Poppyseed Roll, 16 oz
Poppyseed Roll, 16 oz

Manhattan delivery

SKU: 311274
Honey Shortbread Cake Layers, Cherokа, 400 g/ 0.88 lb
SKU: 311152
Baking Powder, Preston, 12 g/ 0.026 lb
SKU: 3106986
Fast-Acting Dry Baking Yeast, Preston, 0.018 lb/ 8g
SKU: 3106973
Buckwheat Flour, 1.1 lb/ 500 g
Buckwheat Flour, 1.1 lb/ 500 g
SKU: 201649
Cookies "Moscow Khlebtsi", 10.58 oz / 300 g

Famous Russian cakes are masterpiece of culinary art.

The composition always uses high quality flour, real Russian chocolate, the famous condensed milk and a lot of natural fillers.

Cake in the USSR was more than a cake. It was the crown of the feast, the apogee of prosperity. Therefore, the confectioners put everything in it: a lot of biscuit, nuts, jam, cream, pink, white and green roses were put on top.

The heyday of Soviet confectionery art falls on the 50-60, and the exact date of the arrival of the "time of cakes" can be considered "thaw" in 1956: first time was made the most coveted, the most inaccessible, the most intense and rare "Kiev cake".

Kiev Cake (Kievsky Tort) means everything to those born in Soviet times.
This cake is special because of its unique layers: instead of common sponge cake, it contains a scrumptious nutty meringue that gives the cake a crunchy and airy texture.

This technique was invented in 1956 by Soviet specialists at the Karl Marx Confectionary Factory in Kiev. Initially, they used walnuts, but after World War II the USSR established ties with India, and exchanged weapons for cashews, which are considered the best type of nuts for Kiev Cake.

Today we offer all residents of Manhattan to choose and try a real Russian cake.
You can choose Famous Russian cakes with delivery to your door at our online store:

  • Cake Kreschatik
  • Cake Sandra
  • Smetanik Cake
  • Classic cheesecake
  • Cake L'amour
  • Cake Concord
  • Ablosute Raspberry Cake
  • Chocolate Pastry "Kartoshka"
  • Walnut Сake
  • Kiev Cake (Tort Kievskiy)

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