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Salmon Red Caviar (Tin Can), Red Pearl, 1 lb / 454 g
Salmon Red Caviar (Tin Can), Red Pearl, 1 lb / 454 g
$ 59.99
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Salmon Red Caviar (Tin Can), Red Pearl, 1 lb / 454 g



This high-grade pink salmon roe has well-formed eggs, as well as a lightly salted, delicate taste.
Treat your family or friends like royalty by giving them some of the world's finest caviar from Alaska Salmon.
Tin can is equipped with an easy-open lid and a plastic cover to insure freshness of the product when it is stored after opening.

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В Walmart на 22 доллара дешевле

I like the caviar, it’s delicious! I will do order the caviar again and I recommend this for everyone who loves caviar. I thanks for all products that I got from this store!

wonderful product. I love it.

Приятно удивлена качеством икры! Не супер,конечно,но очень Не плохая! Я русская и муж японец и трое наших детей - наслаждаются этой икрой. Делаем суши,едим с Нато или просто хлеб с маслом и икра со сладким чаем с лимоном... Уверена,что буду заказывать снова!

Taste is good, but little watery and salty. It’s doesn’t say what kind of fish is that.

Very good caviar, not overly salty, feels fresh and eats well. Will be ordering more for sure.

Икра свежая малосольная вкусная. Банка снабжена полиэтиленовой крышкой. То есть ее можно герметично закрыть после вскрытия и хранить в холодильнике


Very good caviar! Enjoy it russian way - on fresh white baget and good butter.***I know some people put a pile of caviar on tiny cracker, then they write poor rewies.
Definetely will reorder again. Fast delivery and good insolation. Thank you!

Good, as expected.

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