Russian Healthy Snacks

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SKU: 311257
Sunflower Seeds Kozinak, KF Azovskaya, 250 g/ 0.55 lb
SKU: 3106968
Croutons Maxi Fried Shrimp Flavor, Kirieshki, 0.13 lb/ 60 gr
SKU: 3106934
Rye Salted Croutons, Ham Cheese, Kirieshki, 0.22 lb / 100 g
SKU: 3106835
Rye Salted Croutons, Salami, Kirieshki, 0.088 lb / 40 g
SKU: 3106829
Rye Salted Croutons, Chicken, Kirieshki, 0.088 lb / 40 g
SKU: 308267
Rye Salted Croutons, Bacon, Kirieshki, 1.41 oz / 40 g
SKU: 308223
Classic Kompot Dried Fruit Mixture, 500 g
Classic Kompot Dried Fruit Mixture, 500 g
SKU: 206346
Cereal Cocktail Crispbread "Apple and Cinnamon", 3.5 oz / 100 g (Dr.Körner)
only 1.00 in stock
SKU: 206441
Turbogematogen for Kids "Smeshariki", 1.23 oz/ 35 g
SKU: 206205
Crispbread "Seven Cereals", 3.5 oz / 100 g (Dr.Korner)
SKU: 204863
Kozinaki "Timosha", 150 g
Kozinaki "Timosha", 150 g
SKU: 203383
Assorted Kozinaki "Timosha", 7.94 oz/ 225 g

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  • Crispbread with honey
  • Mint gingerbread with fructose (low calories)
  • Organic sugar free candy
  • Crispbread with vitamins, minerals and calcium
  • Gematogen bar for kids

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