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Soothing Herbal Tea Green Sleep
Soothing Herbal Tea Green Sleep "Live in the Present", Russian Ivan Tea, 10 Sachets for Brewing in a Teapot
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Soothing Herbal Tea Green Sleep
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Soothing Herbal Tea Green Sleep "Live in the Present", Russian Ivan Tea, 10 Sachets for Brewing in a Teapot



Soothing Herbal Tea "Live in the Present" Russian Ivan Tea is an aromatic tea with a bright herbal flavor and a hint of sourness.
It is recommended for drinking in the evening to help you relax and unwind.
The tea is available in a convenient format for brewing in a teapot – each sachet contains large leaves that will give the tea a rich color and retain its beneficial properties even after re-brewing.
Ivan tea is fermented and has many benefits, including calming the nervous system, helping to fall asleep more quickly and better restore strength, improving metabolism, promoting weight loss, balancing water levels in the body, fighting inflammation in the digestive system, strengthening the immune system, and normalizing blood pressure.

Each sachet of tea contains 10 grams of tea leaves, making it easy to prepare and enjoy.

Apple restores the nervous system after stress and overexertion, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and increases endurance. Apple adds a unique, sweet, fruity note to its blend.

Rosehip fruits and flowers are a veritable storehouse of vitamins, particularly vitamin C. Rosehip strengthens the immune system, combats vitamin deficiency, aids in colds, has anti-inflammatory properties, lowers "bad" cholesterol, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and alleviates digestive issues. It is beneficial for individuals with busy work schedules and daily mental and physical activity.

Green Sleep Tea is a healthy and delightful drink for the entire family.
Tea is suitable for adults, children (starting at 3 years of age), and pregnant and lactating women, in the absence of any individual intolerances.

Pay special attention to the tea preparation process. Before brewing, it is recommended to preheat the kettle or pour boiling water into it. Then, pour one tea bag into 500 milliliters of 95-degree Celsius hot water. After 10 minutes, the tea should open and develop its flavor.

Fermented cypress tea does not contain any caffeine, dyes, or artificial flavors. It is 100 percent natural and is produced in accordance with the FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) food safety standard, which is based on the international ISO 22000 standard.

- Fermented cypress leaves
- Currant leaves
- Apple
- Rosehip fruits
- Currant berries
- Rose petals

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