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Alenka Milk Chocolate, 3.52 oz / 90 g
Alenka Milk Chocolate, 3.52 oz / 90 g
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Alenka Milk Chocolate, 3.52 oz / 90 g
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Alenka Milk Chocolate, 3.52 oz / 90 g

Brand: Red October


Ingredients: sugar, dried whole milk, cocoa oil, ground cocoa, emulsifier lecithin E322, aromatizer identical to natural.

This milk chocolate is a legend in Russian confectionery history, it is an all time favorite of several generations.

Alenka Chocolate Bar is a long-awaited and favorite treat of many children in the USSR. Let's remember the history, understand the nutritional and harmful properties of the product. Now you can buy it at our online shop at the best price. Chocolate of the highest quality from the most famous manufacturer for sale in the USA.

In the 60-th of the last century the government of the USSR taking the food program, made a point on the creation of a new Alenka milk chocolate. This product must be tasty and known. A competition was announced. The winner was confectionery factory, now known in many countries as "Red October". "Red October" had to fulfill the state order.

Russian chocolate Alenka is a delicacy that is prepared of cocoa beans. The product has a homogeneous structure with a delicate aroma and sweet taste. The grated cocoa beans, cocoa butter, powdered sugar, milk powder or cream - that is all ingredients. Also in the chocolate "Alenka" there are natural emulsifiers and flavors.

The most famous Russian chocolate Alenka was called after the name of the first woman cosmonaut`s Valentina Tereshkova daughter. But the wrapper is decorated by picture of another girl. This photo took first plaсe in competition, when Red October factory was looking for the "face" of their most known chocolate bar.



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It's awesome it tastes just like expensive bean-to-bar chocolate and may even be better.

Can anyone go wrong with this legendary chocolate bar? The answer is no. It’s delicious, arrived in good condition. Americans and Russians alike love this chocolate.

Great chocolate. Smooth, delicious taste with no sugar granules. Recommended for the chocolate lover.

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