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SKU: 312568
SKU: 312567
SKU: 310889
Smoked Salmon Slices, 0.22lb/ 100g
SKU: 310879
Smoked Salmon Slices, 283gr/10 oz
Smoked Salmon Slices, 283gr/10 oz
SKU: 310878
Smoked Salmon Slices, 227 g / 0.5 lb
Smoked Salmon Slices, 227 g / 0.5 lb
SKU: 204442
Assortment of Cold Smoked Fish, Haifa, 8 oz / 230 g
SKU: 201453
Natural smoked Salmon, Northern Fish USA 1 lb / 450 g
SKU: 201452
Hot-Smoked Mackerel ***
Hot-Smoked Mackerel ***

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SKU: 200097
Smoked Salmon, 8oz
Smoked Salmon, 8oz
SKU: 200093
Cold Smoked Mackerel, 1. - 1.4 lb / 408 - 544 g

Smoked fish is a delicacy, an addition to the side-dish and a great snack to beer! Try it!

You just need to buy Smoked Fish online at our online store.

We offer to choose from a wide range of Russian Smoked Fish for sale at our online store.

  • Smoked Salmon
  • Smoked Turbot
  • Smoked Sea Bass
  • Smoked Sturgeon
  • Smoked Mackerel

The taste of fish differs depending on the method of smoking:

  • cold smoking
  • hot smoking

Cold smoking means curing fish by smoking at an air temperature not higher than 33°C to avoid cooking the flesh or coagulating the protein.

Hot smoking means curing fish by smoking at a temperature of 70-80°C at some stage in the process in order to cook the flesh.

In any case, the fish is smoked according to any recipe would be incredibly delicious!

Smocked fish is a delicious treat, especially in summer salads. Sprinkled with dill, chopped smocked fish go well with potatoes, chopped onions, sieved hard-boiled eggs. You only have to buy smoked fish online so you may enjoy with the best taste.

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  • Having smocked fish, any housewife will be able to organize a quick snack for unexpected guests
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