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Gold Premium Thin Kabanosi French Style, Sokolow, 4.23 oz / 120g
Gold Premium Thin Kabanosi French Style, Sokolow, 4.23 oz / 120g
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Gold Premium Thin Kabanosi French Style, Sokolow, 4.23 oz / 120g



Smoked kabanosi (hunter sausages) French Style are thin and fragrant.
The novelty of the Sokolow company.
A delicious appetizer and a gourmet delicacy.

Traditional recipe!
Vacuum sealed, well secured for transport!
Kabanosy are long thin sticks of Polish dry sausages made of pork.
They are smoky in flavor, and can be soft or very dry in texture depending on freshness.
Typically they are quite long, but very thin, and folded in two, giving them a characteristic appearance.
Their production process, and the resulting exceptional taste and aroma are the features which set kabanosy apart from other sausages. Kabanosy are often seasoned only with pepper.
Unlike other meats, these sausages are typically eaten alone as an appetizer, and often served with cheese.
They are also commonly used as hiking food because they do not spoil as quickly as many other sausages.
Some kabanosy connoisseurs even say that the more dry they are the more tasty they become.

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Excellent quality, tasty gone too fast

Addictive! Everytime I have ever let someone try one of these, they always ask for another. If I take a piece out, my dogs follow me around for an hour waiting to get a treat because the smell is so deliscious, and very strong and wonderful!

Loved it

А вот это было шедевром! Как только я это попробовала, то сразу поняла, что до моих гостей это не доживёт, как бы я себя ни сдерживала! Так вкусно! Я тут же решила ещё заказать, стала оформлять заказ и приуныла: продукт стоит недорого, но его доставка - в 2 раза дороже! Я бы ещё поняла, будь то 1:1 - я же живу всего в 60 милях от магазина. Поэтому ставлю 4 звезды, но не из-за качества продукта, а из-за его доставки. А во всём остальном - очень рекомендую! Особенно, если Bы outdoor person.

Very good! Will order again.

I like the product very much. Its delicious !

Delicious. Very good as a snake.

very good flavor and Chewy

these sausages are very tasty but they are also very small. I think they could be use as an appetizer rather than a meal.

great choices, great quality, delivery on time - we recommend it to all who like Russian food or interested in trying something new & delicious

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