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Candy, Sweet Gift Boxes

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SKU: 313287
Birds Milk MASCARPONE & RASPBERRY White Chocolate Glazed Souffle, Wedel, 360g/ 0.79lb
only 2.00 in stock
SKU: 313113
Candy Chocolate Moments Milka Oreo & Praline, 92g/ 0.2 lb
SKU: 312909
Sale- 51 %
SKU: 312782
Sale- 20 %
SKU: 312626
Chocolate Candy Winter Forest TOFFIFEE, 2*125 /250g/ 0.55lb
SKU: 311688
Assorted Chocolate Candy, 167 g/ 0.37 lb
Assorted Chocolate Candy, 167 g/ 0.37 lb

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SKU: 311402
Chocolate Candy Set Khohloma, 4 lb
SKU: 311401
Chocolate Candy Set 2.5 lb
SKU: 311400
Candy Set #1 Roshen, 1 lb
SKU: 311117
Assorted Milk Chocolate Candy New Year's Collection, Laima, 360 g/ 0.79 lb
only 1.00 in stock
SKU: 308842
Matreshka dried apricots in chocolate KREMLINA, 250g

Candy, Sweet Gift Boxes

What could be more elegant as a gift for any celebration!

What's in the Chocolate Gift box?
A delightful set of Russian chocolate candies of the highest quality!
The box itself is also a work of art. Few people raise their hand to throw away a box like that. They then often store different things.

Want to know where to buy online best box of chocolates for gifts?
At our online store we offer chocolate gift boxes for sale:

  • Chocolate covered prunes with Walnuts in a lacquer box
  • The best chocolate covered cherries in the world
  • Dried apricots in chocolate with walnut
  • Dried mango dipped in chocolate
  • Chocolate prunes with almonds
  • Chocolates "Cherry in liqueur"
  • Candy "Moscow" - airy soufflé with a soft caramel kernels Reber Constanze Kugeln
  • Assorted chocolates "Fruits and nuts in chocolate"
  • Chocolate Candy Box "Red October"
  • Candies Bird's Milk with Vanilla Flavor
  • Candy Set Placed in Matryoshka
  • Candy Set Assortment from Moscow confectioneries Placed in Matryoshka
  • Set of candy wafers and Sliwka Plum in Chocolate
  • Chocolate Candy Box "Squirrel"
  • Assorted Chocolate Candy "Russian Troyka"
  • Laima Chocolate Candy Box
  • Ptasie Mleczko WEDEL Candy

We regularly replenish stocks of Russian Chocolate Gift Boxes, so we always have the freshest for sale. All goods you can buy online at affordable price and we’ll deliver your order worldwide.

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