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SKU: 313537
Deodorant Aerosol Vetyver, Malizia Uomo, 150ml/ 5.07oz
SKU: 313536
Deodorant Spray Skyline, Malizia Uomo, 150ml/ 5.07oz
SKU: 313535
Deodorant Spray Aqua, Malizia Uomo, 150ml/ 5.07oz
SKU: 313534
Deodorant Spray Musk, Malizia Uomo, 150ml/ 5.07oz
SKU: 313533
Deodorant Spray Black&Wild, Malizia Uomo, 150ml/ 5.07oz
SKU: 313532
Deodorant Aerosol Silver, Malizia Uomo, 150ml/ 5.07oz
SKU: 313521
Soothing Shaving Foam with Argan Oil, FIGARO, 400ml/ 13.53oz
SKU: 313520
Shaving Foam for Sensitive Skin, FIGARO, 400ml/ 13.53oz
SKU: 313499
Aftershave Balm Marine Collagen INTESA, 100ml/ 3.38oz
SKU: 313498
Aerosol Deodorant Ylang-Ylang INTESA, 150ml/ 5.07oz
SKU: 313497
Avocado Shaving Foam+Ylang-Ylang INTESA, 300ml/10.14 oz
SKU: 313495
Aerosol Deodorant Woody INTESA, 150ml/ 5.07oz
SKU: 310256
Personal Hygiene Smell Natural Deodorant "Red Moscow", 75 ml

Personal Care Products - are organic hair removal products for unwanted hair.

Remove the body hair cleanly, comfortable and soft, with the essence, that help you to repair your skin quickly.

Hair Removal Cream can be applied to the legs, arms, armpits and the bikini area and face. is effective even on coarse and short hair.

It ensures super smooth and silky skin that lasts longer than a shave, but without the pain from waxing.

Its innovative formula is the result of joint work of leading beauticians of the Russian Institute of Beauty and Health and the experts of the Scientific research Centre of the Hair.

Products of Personal Care Products category work like magic – simply apply it, wait for a few minutes, and rinse it off.

The hair will be gone, without leaving any mark on your skin.

The secret is in the natural moisturizing formula of this male body hair removal cream – ingredients like honey, chamomile, green tea extract, Vitamin A, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E work together to give you moisturized skin.

Russian Natural hair removal remedies could be the answer for you!

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