Gingerbread & Sooshki

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SKU: 311534
Sushki Hard Bagels with Poppy Seeds, Franzeluta, 500g/ 1.1lb
SKU: 311331
Sushki Vanilla Malutka Hard Bagels, Franzeluta, 500g/ 1.1lb
only 1.00 in stock
SKU: 311097
Sushki Mint Hard Bagel, Franzeluta, 500 g/ 1.1 lb
SKU: 3106985
Tula Gingerbread w/ Currant Filling, 0.31 lb/ 140 g
SKU: 307364
Kiev Gingerbread with Poppy Seeds, 14.8 oz / 420 g
SKU: 306999
Gingerbread w/ Cranberry, 1.1 lb / 500 g
SKU: 204503
Mini Sushki with Poppy Seeds Hard Bagels, Franzeluta, 200g/ 0.44lb
only 2.00 in stock
SKU: 204444
Gingerbread North with Mint Flavor, 17.5 oz / 500 g
SKU: 202765
Ukrainian Gingerbread "Honey", 420 g
SKU: 202764
Sushki Kievskie Hard Bagels, 420g/ 0.93lb
Sushki Kievskie Hard Bagels, 420g/ 0.93lb
SKU: 202457
SKU: 201636
Sushki Daisy Hard Bagels, 14.11 oz / 400 g
SKU: 200560
SKU: 200496
SKU: 200449
SKU: 200448
Gingerbread w/ Prune, 17.5 oz / 500 g
SKU: 200411
Egg Sushki Hard Bagels, 17.64 oz / 500 g
only 2.00 in stock
SKU: 200023
Tula Gingerbread with Fruit Filling, 4.93 oz / 140 g

Gingerbread, Cakes & Sooshki - mandatory part of Russian tea time.

"Empty" tea is not consumed in Russia.

Each product in this category has its own history, which goes back to the distant past. All these products are cooked by leading Russian brands in accordance with traditional recipes.

Have you ever heard about a Tula gingerbread?

Tula gingerbread is a type of printed gingerbread from the city of Tula, the most famous kind of Russian gingerbreads. Usually the Tula gingerbread look like a rectangular tile or a flat figure. Modern Tula gingerbreads usually contain jam or condensed milk, while in the old times they were made with honey. Gingerbreads are known in Tula since 17th century. The first mention of the Tula gingerbread is in Tula сensus book of 1685.

Famous Russian Hard Bagels - Sooshki are harder than normal bagels, and they're bitesized. Basically, they're perfect in every way. Baranki, bubliki, sushki — each Russian version of the bagel has a thin glossy veneer, the result of scalding before baking, which prolongs shelf life.

Want to know how to soften hard bagels? Just dip it in your drink: hot tea, coffee, cocoa or warm milk.

At our online store we offer for sale:

  • Mini Dried Bagels
  • Sooshka with Poppy Seeds
  • Classic Bread Rings Sushki
  • Gingerbread with mint
  • Tula Gingerbread with Apple, Cinnamon, Halva, Consider Milk Fillings

Want to know how to make russian tea time?

Choose your favorite Gingerbread, Cakes & Sooshki at our online store, buy delicious tea and invite dear guests to a sincere gatherings. You will like it, be sure!

We regularly replenish stocks of famous Gingerbread, Cakes & Sooshki from Russia, so we always have the freshest for sale. All goods you can buy online at affordable price and we’ll deliver your order worldwide.

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