Shampoo Frozen Nanai Lemongrass , 1.5 oz /440 ml

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Natura Siberica

Shampoo Frozen Nanai Lemongrass Description

Energy and hair growth
For damaged and weakened hair

Shampoo on the basis of natural extracts and plant oils of wild Siberian gently cleanses, fills the hair vitality and gives them a natural shine. The extract of Schisandra Nanai nourishes hair vitamins, tones the scalp, gives hair a natural shine and freshness. Extracts of birch vechornytsi Siberian ginseng root and moisturize and strengthen the hair, making them more soft and manageable. Oil of cedar nuts and raspberry seed deeply nourish and restore the structure of damaged hair. The extract of Siberian Rhodiola rosea juniper and revitalizes the scalp, have a rejuvenating and antiseptic action, preventing dandruff. Damask rose extract softens the hair, making them smooth and silky.
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The brand Siberica is the best. It agrees with my skin with no irritation. I personally love this shampoo because of the smell and how clean my hair feels after using. All the Natura Siberica cosmetics, soaps and shampoos are excellent. If you're a guy try the White Bear body wash also - this is a masculine smelling body wash. It makes you feel good and strong when you go to work in the morning.