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Corn Groats, MAKFA, 700g/ 24.7oz
Corn Groats, MAKFA, 700g/ 24.7oz
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Corn Groats, MAKFA, 700g/ 24.7oz
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Corn Groats, MAKFA, 700g/ 24.7oz

Brand: MAKFA
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Nutritional value of 100g:
328 kcal
carbohydrates — 71 g
proteins — 8.3 g
fats — 1.2 g
Corn groats are one of the most dietary cereals in the world.
Due to the absence of gluten, that is, gluten, corn groats are low—allergenic and perfectly fit into any diet, up to baby food - along with rice and buckwheat, it can become the basis for the first complementary food and your baby's favorite porridge.
MAKFA corn groats have amazing properties — it retains its useful properties during any heat treatment.
Iron, selenium and silicon are the trinity of youth and activity in corn, thanks to which this grain is called "the grain of longevity".
Many dishes of national cuisines are prepared from corn groats, excellent tortillas, casseroles, pie fillings, sweet treats are made from it.
It cooks for 40 minutes.
Product formula
100% natural product
Source of protein
A source of slow carbs
What to cook
Daily menu
Baby food
Sports foos
Proper nutrition
Vegetarian dishes
Dietary dishes
Fasting days
Lean dishes
PP — 1.10 mg
B1 — 0.13 mg
B2 — 0.07 mg

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