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Buckwheat with Mushrooms, 2x150 g, 0.66 lb/ 300g
Buckwheat with Mushrooms, 2x150 g, 0.66 lb/ 300g
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Buckwheat with Mushrooms, 2x150 g, 0.66 lb/ 300g

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Buckwheat contains vitamins B, a large number of trace elements. It improves digestion and well-being, increases performance. Buckwheat is soft and contains a sufficient amount of trace elements and vitamins. 
And the content of fiber in buckwheat helps to remove harmful substances from the body.
The addition of mushrooms, spices, vegetables enriches the dish with amino acids, vitamins, increases the biological value and improves digestibility, thereby increasing the benefits of the product for the body. Crumbly buckwheat with mushrooms has an exquisite taste and can be served as a main dish.
Ingredients: buckwheat kernel fast - growing "Extra", dried mushrooms, salt, dried onion, dried green onion, dried parsley, flavoring "Mushrooms" (aromatics, aromatic substances, natural aromatic substances, salt, maltodextrin, acidity regulator – citric acid, anti - tracking agent - silicon dioxide, moisture-retaining agent-triacetin, stabilizer-gum Arabic), dried garlic, yeast extract, ground black pepper.
Nutritional value. In 100 g of the product contains: protein-12.0 %, fat-3.0%, carbohydrates-73.0.
Energy value-1 550,0 (370.0) kJ (kcal)
Cooking time: 15 min.
Shelf life: 12 months

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