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Buckwheat Kernel MAKFA, 800g/ 28.22 oz
Buckwheat Kernel MAKFA, 800g/ 28.22 oz
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Buckwheat Kernel MAKFA, 800g/ 28.22 oz
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Buckwheat Kernel MAKFA, 800g/ 28.22 oz

Brand: MAKFA
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Nutritional value of 100g:
12.6 proteins
3.3 fats
57.1 carbohydrates
308 kcal
Buckwheat is truly a royal cereal in its usefulness.
Buckwheat has just a luxurious combination of vitamins and trace elements.
Buckwheat, grown on the generous land of Altai, is considered especially tasty and useful.
In packs of MAKFA — it is selected Altai buckwheat.
MAKFA buckwheat is produced at a new plant, which was also built in the Altai Territory. In production, increased attention is paid to the quality of each process: the selection and storage of buckwheat, cleaning, processing and packaging of finished products.
MAKFA buckwheat is good on its own, and with milk, and with mushrooms and onions — win-win options for both a side dish and an independent dish.
We throw buckwheat into boiling water, meanwhile quickly fry mushrooms and onions, and then mix — and at the table.
It cooks for 15 minutes.
Product formula
100% natural product
Source of protein
A source of slow carbs
Maximum combination of vitamins and trace elements
What to cook:
Daily menu
Baby food
Sports food
Proper nutrition
Vegetarian dishes
Dietary dishes
Fasting days
Lean dishes
PP — 4.2 mg
B1 — 0.43 mg
B2 — 0.2 mg

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