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Ground Millet, MAKFA, 800g / 28.22 oz
Ground Millet, MAKFA, 800g / 28.22 oz
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Ground Millet, MAKFA, 800g / 28.22 oz
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Ground Millet, MAKFA, 800g / 28.22 oz

Brand: MAKFA
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Millet ground MAKFA is a grain of a very healthy millet grain, cleaned and prepared for cooking porridge, cooking casseroles and other dishes. Polished, this cereal cooks faster and is better absorbed by the body. Millet is famous for its hypoallergenic nature and a whole set of trace elements necessary for the body.
MAKFA millet porridge turns out bright yellow, sunny color.
It cooks for 20 minutes.
Product formula:
100% natural product
Source of protein
Source of vitamins and trace elements
What to cook:
Daily menu
Baby food
Sports nutrition
Proper nutrition
Vegetarian dishes
Diet and dietary dishes
Fasting days
Lean dishes
Nutritional value of 100g:
342 kcal
carbohydrates — 66.5 g
proteins — 11.5 g
fats — 3.3 g
PP — 1.60 mg
B1 — 0.42 mg
B2 — 0.04 mg

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