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Semolina, MAKFA, 700g/ 24.69 oz
Semolina, MAKFA, 700g/ 24.69 oz
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Semolina, MAKFA, 700g/ 24.69 oz
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Semolina, MAKFA, 700g/ 24.69 oz

Brand: MAKFA
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It cooks for 5 minutes!
At the macaroni mill, MAKFA has developed a technology for selecting semolina of the "T" brand from durum wheat varieties. Semolina MAKFA is made from durum wheat according to GOST 7022-2019 (brand T).
Housewives know that only a lot of experience helps to cook the kids' favorite porridge without lumps, but MAKFA semolina can be perfectly cooked even by a novice cook.
Durum wheat gives our semolina a beautiful "sunny" color.
The grinding properties make it an ideal product for the preparation of various pastries — fragrant cupcakes, delicious mannikins, friability allows it to be used as breadcrumbs to give the products a golden crust.
Product formula:
100% natural product
Source of protein
From durum wheat
Source of vitamins and amino acids
Source of fiber
What to cook:
Daily menu
Baby food
Sports food
Proper nutrition
Vegetarian dishes
Dietary dishes
Fasting days
Lean dishes
Nutritional value per 100g:
Calorie content 333 kcal
carbohydrates — 70.6 g
proteins — 10.3 g
fats — 1.0 g
PP — 1.60 mg
B1 — 0.08 mg
B2 — 0.04 mg

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