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Buckwheat Extra
Buckwheat Extra "Green", Agro-Alliance, 450g/ 1lb
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Buckwheat Extra
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Buckwheat Extra "Green", Agro-Alliance, 450g/ 1lb



Nutritional value of the product per 100g:
13 proteins
3 fats
68 carbohydrates
350 kcal
Green buckwheat retains the maximum amount of natural minerals, since it does not undergo heat treatment. It can be used to prepare salads, smoothies and other dishes.
Suitable for germination.
It is popular among people leading healthy lifestyle and vegetarians.
Not thermally processed, not steamed, live cereals: you can germinate and eat raw.
All healthy substances are preserved (≈ 30% more than in brown buckwheat), contains 16 amino acids and B vitamins.
Gluten free: Does not contain gluten/gluten (but may contain traces).
Saturation of the body with energy due to the high content of dietary fiber / fiber.
It has a positive effect on health: it has a powerful immunomodulatory effect, regulates the work of the intestine, eliminates sudden spikes in blood sugar (low GI)

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