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100% natural butter from Russia - the taste we all know and love!

Butter is a fantastically versatile ingredient for baking and cooking, and is at it's best when spread over hot bread or vegetables.

In Russia, butter was made of whole milk, and the best varieties were obtained of cream.

You can taste this natural butter flavor, taste, color and smell of butter, which evoke memories of childhood.

Our Original Butter is salted, unsalted and classically creamy.

Some russian butters available for order at our online store have a small amount of salt added as a preservative.

When heated, butter develops a magnificent nutty flavor as the milk solids (proteins and sugars) caramelize.

When russian butter is used as a cooking medium, such as for sautéeing vegetables, it complements and enhances the flavors to the food that is being cooked in it. It also adds complexity to the flavor of sauces.

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  • Butter "Vologodskoe"
  • Russian chocolate butter

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