Wonderberry Cranberry Mors, 33.81 oz / 1 liter

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Wonderberry Cranberry Mors Description

According to common definition «mors», or fruit drink, represents a refreshing beverage traditionally composed of water and berry or fruit juice. From time immemorial various peoples used «mors» for different purposes and needs. Our ancestors appreciated mors as a superb quencher during summer sultriness as well as a warming drink in winter.
In the past every housewife possessed her own recipe of mors and even nowadays this drink is prepared domiciliary in many regions.
There are a broad range of fruit drinks offered in our supermarket. Each variety has its specific beneficial properties. Thus Cranberry Mors contributes greatly to the prevention and treatment of colds. It also proves to increase appetite and enhance vitality. It stimulates blood circulation and assuages nervous system. This drink is also extensively used as an effective antipyretic.


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