Deodorant "Energy and Freshness."

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Natura Siberica


Deodorant "Energy and Freshness" provides effective protection against sweat and odor throughout the day.

Natural oils included in its composition and extracts of medicinal plants in Siberia carefully take care of the skin and give a feeling of comfort, freshness and cleanliness.
The extract of Schisandra Nanai has a powerful tonic and adaptogenic effect, refreshes the skin.
Clover and geranium extracts has an antiseptic effect, prevent the occurrence of odor.
Siberian iris and jasmine extracts soothe the skin, give a gentle floral fragrance.
Organic oil of pine nuts nourishes and protects the skin.
Raspberry seed oil moisturizes and restores the skin.
Extracts of Rhodiola rosea and flowers of damask rose soften and smooth the skin, give softness and tenderness.

Deodorant Deodorant
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