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PACK 3 Сrushed Barley Groats, 600g x 3
PACK 3 Сrushed Barley Groats, 600g x 3
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PACK 3 Сrushed Barley Groats, 600g x 3

Brand: Uvelka
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Ingredients: barley groats
Energy value-324 kcal
Barley groats are unpolished particles of the barley kernel.
It consists of crushed barley grains of various shapes, freed from flower films.
Barley groats, unlike pearl barley, are made without grinding and polishing, so there is more fiber in it.
Barley groats are not divided into varieties. Depending on the size of the grain, barley grits are divided into three numbers: No. 1, 2, 3.

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