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Cold Smoked Butter Fish, Haifa, 114g/ 4oz
Cold Smoked Butter Fish, Haifa, 114g/ 4oz
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Cold Smoked Butter Fish, Haifa, 114g/ 4oz
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Cold Smoked Butter Fish, Haifa, 114g/ 4oz

Brand: Haifa


Cold-smoked oil fish is a delicacy that is obtained as a result of processing fresh oil fish with smoke from charcoal. Oil fish belongs to the Stromateaceae family and includes several species of fish, such as oil fish, Indonesian oil fish and ruveta.
Cold smoked fish differs from hot smoked fish in that it is treated with smoke at lower temperatures, which allows you to preserve more nutrients and taste of the fish. During the smoking process, the oily fish acquires a special aroma and a golden brown hue.
Cold-smoked oily fish is rich in healthy fats, omega-3 acids and various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also contains a large amount of protein and is a good source of energy. Smoked oily fish has a delicate, slightly salty taste and a soft, oily texture.
Eating cold-smoked oily fish can be an excellent choice for those who want to diversify their diet with a delicious and healthy product. It goes well with vegetables, bread and various sauces, and can be used as an ingredient in various dishes.

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