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Cold Smoked Russian Sturgeon, 226g/ 7.97oz
Cold Smoked Russian Sturgeon, 226g/ 7.97oz
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Cold Smoked Russian Sturgeon, 226g/ 7.97oz



Nutritional value per 100 g:
Protein 26.2 g
Fats 16.5 g
Carbohydrates 0.1 g
Calories 240.0 kcal
Sturgeon is a fish of the sturgeon family with tender and tasty meat.
Cold smoking gives sturgeon meat a unique aroma and exquisite taste, making it an ideal ingredient for cooking a variety of dishes.
High protein content: Cold smoked sturgeon meat is a source of high-quality protein, which is necessary for maintaining muscle mass and tissue repair.
Healthy properties: Sturgeon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and also contains phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.
Taste qualities: Sturgeon meat has a delicate taste and juiciness, and cold smoking adds a slight smokiness and piquancy to it.
Versatility: Sturgeon is perfectly combined with various side dishes and salads, can be used to prepare snacks, sandwiches and main dishes.
Aesthetic appearance: Cold smoked sturgeon has a beautiful appearance, which makes it an excellent choice for a festive table.
Environmental friendliness: No harmful chemical additives are used during cold smoking, which makes the product safer for health.

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