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Hot Smoked Mackerel, Haifa
Hot Smoked Mackerel, Haifa
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Hot Smoked Mackerel, Haifa
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Hot Smoked Mackerel, Haifa

Brand: Haifa


Mackerel is considered one of the most healthy and nutritious marine fish.
Dense, elastic mackerel meat practically does not accumulate heavy metals, especially mercury.
Hot Smoked Mackerel is fresh whole mackerel that has been smoked and cooked, over oak and beech wood in a special smoker oven, by master smokers.
Mackerel are wild-caught in estuaries and rivers in the South West of England, under responsible and sustainable techniques to ensure constant supply each year.

Smoked Mackerel is a very popular delicacy very well known throughout the entire world. We make it from highest quality of Mackerel that is found in the north-east Atlantic Ocean and imported from Norway and Scotland. It is also well known for it’s distinct taste and richness in Omega-3 fatty acids.
Ingredients: Mackerel, Salt and Natural Wood Smoke.

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