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Cold Smoked Sea Bass, Haifa, 227g
Cold Smoked Sea Bass, Haifa, 227g
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Cold Smoked Sea Bass, Haifa, 227g
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Cold Smoked Sea Bass, Haifa, 227g

Brand: Haifa


Cold smoked sea bass is an exquisite delicacy made from fresh fish of the sea bass family - sea bass. Due to smoking in cold smoke, the fish acquires a unique taste and aroma.
Sea bass, due to its tender meat and small number of bones, is one of the most popular fish in the world of haute cuisine. After smoking in cold smoke, the fish meat becomes even more juicy, soft and easily separates from the bones.
The color of cold smoked sea bass varies from light golden to dark brown, depending on the time of smoking and the wood used. The taste of the fish is rich, slightly insular, with subtle notes of smoke and a pleasant aroma.
Traditionally, cold smoked sea bass is served as an appetizer or aperitif with lemon slices and olives. It can also be used as an ingredient for salads, sandwiches or pasta. Cold smoked sea bass goes well with beer, white wine and champagne.
In general, cold smoked sea bass is a wonderful delicacy for those who appreciate exquisite tastes and fragrant products. It is ideal for both a festive table and for everyday enjoyment.

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