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Georgian Tomato Soup by Dworek, 1.59 oz / 720 g
Georgian Tomato Soup by Dworek, 1.59 oz / 720 g
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Georgian Tomato Soup by Dworek, 1.59 oz / 720 g

Brand: Dworek


Harcho soup is a traditional Georgian dish. The essential components of the soup are beef, sun-dried plum puree and grated walnuts, which give the soup its distinctive taste. Tomato paste, rice and spices are also added to the kharcho soup.

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I'm not really a huge fan of tomato soup unless it is one specific soup i make at home from an Italian friends' recipe, but, given that all other soups i have bought here at Russian shop have been so good, i decided to try it, and also because i LOVE foods from Gruzija (Georgia), and i am very happy i decided to try it! it is not my typical choice for soup to have when i have a cold, but, here it gets too hot to cook very early in the year (usually by end of may), and my son works until late in the evening, and i needed soup that would e delicious and filling to have as dinner when he gets home, and this amazing soup did the trick! All i did was add some Nezhin Adzika, a few frozen meatballs, a dollop f sour cream, some bread slices on the side, and voila! amazing, delicious hot dinner with 5 minutes of cooking! I will b buying this soup again for sure, and i highly recommend it! bon Appetit!

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