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Salted Salo
Salted Salo "Ukrainian Brand", Bandi, 450g/ 15.87oz
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Salted Salo "Ukrainian Brand", Bandi, 450g/ 15.87oz

Brand: Bandi
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Ingredients: pork fat, salt, garlic, red pepper, spices
Pork salo is a popular product that can be eaten as an independent dish or used as an ingredient for various dishes. Here are some ways to serve a salad on the table:
— Sliced salo: Cut the lard into thin slices and place on a plate. Put the chopped onion, herbs and bread next to it.
— Salo with garlic: Cut the lard into small pieces and stuff each piece with garlic. Place on a plate and serve with bread and mustard.
Whichever method you choose, lard will be a great addition to your table and will appeal to all guests.

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