Hungarian Smoked Bacon Kolozvari, 1 lb -1.5 lb
Hungarian Smoked Bacon Kolozvari, 1 lb -1.5 lb
$ 12.99
Hungarian Smoked Bacon Kolozvari, 1 lb -1.5 lb

Hungarian Smoked Bacon Kolozvari, 1 lb -1.5 lb

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Kolozsvari is a traditional Hungarian smoked bacon, made of premium pork, salted and seasoned with garlic. Enjoy it the European way, on a slice of fresh rye bread rubbed with a bit of garlic.

Excellent packing will keep it fresh for a long time.

Cured with: Salt, Garlic Powder, Sodium Lactate, Sodium Nitrite, Vitamin C

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This smoked Bacon is excellent and very intensive flavor I used for make Pasta Carbonara and was a hit!!!

We are completely satisfied with the staff and delivery too. Thank you again.

Not eatable: very, very hard to bite and chew! I'm completely disappointed!

Smoky and full of flavour! Perfect to pan-fried potatoes with Kefir.

I was very impatient to get this bacon, since while traveling in Hungary I was lucky to taste this great product. I was so disappointed when bacon was delivered and I tried it. To be fair the bacon has flavor and is not too salty which is good. But the texture! It's so chewy, you can keep on chewing and chewing, and , probably, never be able to swallow. Went to garbage.

very tasty!

Tasty, rich smoky flavor

Slice small, fry in high heat, and add to eggs. This is tenfold better than any American bacon, and has an outstanding smokey-paprika scent and taste. You must try this.

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