White Russian Bread, 1 pc

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White bread, better known as «baton», has a rather long history. Occasionally it remained in oblivion and then suddenly would come into vogue. But despite all vicissitudes of fate it has always been appreciated as a rich source of energy and vigor. For a long time white bread was predominantly a prerogative of the nobility. But along with the democratization of the society it has become available for common people.

White Russian Bread is natural authentic product from Russia, made of safe products and free of hormones and additives.

Combined with butter or chocolate paste White Russian Bread proves to be a perfect breakfast full of energy and vitally important microelements. Furthermore it is exceptionally delicious!

White Russian Bread, 1 pc
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Sheron Lutz
Aug 9, 2018
The first couple of times I bought this bread I was really ranting and raving about it. But I may be thinking that the people over at the factory who make it may be getting a bit lazy. But it is still good, I like it! I am still buying it. It is good to make open-face sandwiches like most Russians like me like with Vetchina Moscovskaya ham, Maheev Quail egg mayonnaise, and Havarti cheese. This bread is okay but not a real authentic Russian Bread.



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