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Monastery Kvass, 67.6 oz/ 2 L
Monastery Kvass, 67.6 oz/ 2 L
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Monastery Kvass, 67.6 oz/ 2 L
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Monastery Kvass, 67.6 oz/ 2 L



Every country or nation have their most adorable beverage. For example the Americans can’t exist without legendary Coca-cola and the Germans find great pleasure in drinking beer. As for the Eastern Slavs it is taken for granted that their national drink is kvass!

Kvass was widely consumed on the whole territory of Slavic lands from time immemorial. No street festivity would go without this exceptionally tasty and invigorating beverage! Ancient people were quite aware of wholesome properties of kvass. And this is the reason why every housewife could prepare it on her own and moreover had personal recipe of kvass!

Kvass Monastyrsky is a classic variation of genuine Russian kvass. Exceptional taste of this beverage is attained by using only natural primary products. The plant manufacturing Kvass Monastyrsky consistently keeps the traditions of the past and combines old recipes with high technologies.

Kvass Monastyrsky delicately flavored with Cranberry remarkably quenches thirst, brings a great deal of energy and elevates spirits! Feel real taste of genuine Russian kvass made with experience and love! Pamper your friends and relatives with this equally useful and delicious beverage!


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Good balanced flavor, not too sweet and not too sour. However I did notice a hint of coffee in it. So far I liked it enough I’d buy again.

Good taste, not too sweet

Oh!!! I like it!!!

The best kvas on the market!???? This is my favorite.

Kvass is well carbonated, rich taste, but too sweet for my taste. Not suitable for okroshka.

Tastes nothing like the real thing, and has a weird aftertaste. If you want something that tastes close to authentic Kvass it will be in the refrigerator only section. Or better yet buy the concentrate and make it yourself.

Very good! This was my first time trying Kvass, but I like sweet malt beverages like malta so I suspected I'd enjoy this. I was impressed with the packing job, both bottles arrived completely intact.

Tastes great! Very authentic, definitely brings back the memories :) И окрошка получается очень вкусная

I haven't had Kvass since I was about 7 years old so this brought back great memories of my grandparents. Absolutely delicious!

Was shipped well and fast and I quite enjoyed the taste

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