Sour Cabbage (Plastic Container), 1 lb

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Sour Cabbage (Plastic Container) Description

Sour Cabbage is chopped and pickled cabbage, which is very helpful for digestion.
Widely used in salads, soups and side dishes.

Whole organic cabbage leaves, water, vinegar, carrots, and sugar - here are the simple ingredients to create a Russian food masterpiece - Russian sweet and sour Pickled Cabbage! Non-GMO, all natural and very useful product! In Russia, sour cabbage was and still is made in huge volumes. Sometimes once in the autumn for the whole winter ahead.

Russian Pickled Cabbage, as long as it is vegetarian food, is massively eaten during the Great Lent by the Orthodox church followers when no meats are allowed. Russian sour cabbage has some health benefits as it is row fermented product. The ferments (enzymes) are produced in the process of salting (pickling) which is fermentation.

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sour cabbage is real garbage will never buy it again
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Loved it, crunchy, fresh, tasty.
it is the best taste of a sour cabbage. Not so sour or jucy, just perfect. it is my favorite package.
just ok